Moving Tips + Checklist

It is time to move!

To help prepare for a smooth move to your new home, please find below a checklist to reference:

  • Book an appointment with your lawyer prior to closing day!
  • Let people know you are moving:
    • Family, friends, co-workers, employer, pension provider (anyone who may send mail)
    • Professionals like: insurance provider, family doctor/specialists, dentist, physio, massage, lawyer, accountant, bank provider
    • Prescriptions
    • Subscriptions or memberships like: magazine providers, retail stores that do mail outs for you, car dealership, athletic club, social clubs, etc.
    • Home phone, mobile, internet, cable providers
  • Cancel any contracted services e.g. alarm monitoring, maintenance plans, snow removal or landscaping
  • Change the address on identification like: driver’s license, automobile plate stickers, health card – Go to Service Ontario, change address:
  • When packing, mark boxes so that your moving help can know which room to deliver boxes to
  • Arrange and book the movers/moving truck/help
  • Arrange to set up internet and cable at new residence
  • Arrange to clean property – everyone has a different level of cleanliness. You may want to plan to do your own deep clean.


Prior to closing, contact the utility service providers to let them know that you have either sold your home and/or purchased a home.  Please find below the main contact numbers for the different utility companies:

    • Condo management company: company name and contact information can be found on the MLS sheet or condo status certificate.
    • Tarion warranty & reminder to register appliances, as any purchase with the Builder need to be registered to you to be covered by warranty.



  • Mailbox Location and Number for a shared hub:
  • Option to Get “Change of Address” cards from the post office and send out before moving day
    • Arrange to change your address and re-direct/forward mail to new address
  • Canada Post’s main contact 1 866-607-6301. (They will also let you know your nearest Canada Post Parcel drop off/pick up location.)


All transaction forms will be sent by our head office at Brokerage to your selected Lawyer.
Please confirm your selected lawyer with our team.

If needed, our recommendations are below:

  • Andre Munroe
    Kelly Santini LLP
    Tel: (613) 238-6321 ext. 275
    160 Elgin St #2401, Ottawa, Ontario K2P2P7 | 2301 Carling Ave #301, Ottawa, ON K2B 7G3
  • Tanya Carlton
    TLC Legal
    (613) 440-7400
    240 Kennevale Dr Unit 102, Ottawa, ON K2J 6B6

** Reminder to book in your appointment with your lawyer, generally a week prior to closing.**


Please send all sale paperwork to your lender and cc’d our team.

* Your lender should be submitting your mortgage instructions to your selected lawyer for closing day arrangements.


* Please ensure to get written quotes and details for move expectations.



Our team will be connecting with you in order to book in a timeslot for your final walk-through visit of the home. This is not an inspection. Typically we measure and have once the last look of property prior to closing. This visit is typically booked within one week prior to closing.

* Let us know if you would like a SOLD photo in front of the property.


Your Buyer may book a final walkthrough visit prior to closing day. Our brokerage will reach out to book this appointment similar to how they would book showings when your property was listed for sale.

* For that visit, please have home as tidy and clean as possible.

* Please do not be present for the Buyer’s final visit.


Please note that you may not obtain keys to your new home prior to 6 p.m. on the day of closing.  Plan your move accordingly, any deliveries or service providers are best to be scheduled the day after closing.